Last Weekend ^_^

I enjoy having holiday at Singapore with my Friends.I sleep with Joey, Alvin.Y, Louis,

Jason.A, Darren and Me.When we arrive at the Resort, we directly go to the NEWater Visitor Center.It is very fun there.Then we go to the Marina Barrage.We see so many water there.Then we go to E-hub.We shop there.The next day, we go to Towns ville school.The lesson is a little hard.The bad news is there are no AC there.Then we go to Asian Civilization museum.After that we go back to our resort and rest for a while there.When it is 6 o’clock we eat diner there at the food court.Then after eating, we go to the mall and play Zone X there.Then after 10 o’clock, we watch Night Museum2.Then when it is 12 o’clock we have midnight dance party.Then when it is 2 o’clock, we sleep.The next day, we go to the Science center.There are so many things there.Then we go to the Jurong East Library.There are so many books there.Then we directly go to the Night safari.There are so many animal there.Then the last day it is so tiring.We go to the MT Saber.We go up to the mount From 0 meters to 82.32 meters.The we go back.I sweat like hell.Then when we want to go inside the Vivo city it is like heaven.I buy Nerf there.Then we go back to our resort and swim there.When it is 7 o’clock we go to eat at Sakura.Then we go back to our resort we play play play play until 3 o’clock.Tomorrow we go to the airport and go back to Jakarta.

Mom & Dad

I love my Mom

I love my Dad

My Mom Always take care of me

My Dad always buy things that I want

Chinese New Year 2010

Chinese New Year everyone

I can’t wait to see Lion Dance

I want to play fireworks

I want to get angpao

I want to visit my friend’s house

My favorite Teacher

My favorite teacher is Ms.Mega

She is very kind

She is very good in Math and Science

She is a little bit fat

She give me homework every day

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Who is Klara’s boyfriend??

Alvin or monyet

There is a night guard and the boss have buy the ticket for his vacation tomorrow.Then the next day,the night guard say to the boss that he dream that the boss plane will fall down.The boss was surprise.so,he canceled the plane.Then when it is noon the boss see the news that his plane fall down.So,the boss give the night guard house,car and money.But the next day the night guard is fired.    WHY?

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Nama Ru Yih pantas namanya Belimbing

Never pretend to a love which you do not actually feel, for love is not ours to command. Alan Watts